Why "Tobacco Root" Solutions?

Meet the majestic Tobacco Root Mountains
What are we?

Tobacco Root Solutions provides marketing support services including website development, social media facilitation, content and copy creation, brand and logo conception, and print layouts.  But that's not all!  When needed, custom programming, data management, detailed industry and corporate research, business strategy development and economic analysis are also part of the package.  Tobacco Root Solutions understands the marketing needs of a Main Street business while also providing executive level business development expertise not typically available through web and graphic design firms. 

Who are we?

Debra McNeill, Tobacco Root Solutions

Debra McNeill founded Tobacco Root Graffics with her husband, Ed Wrzesinski, in 2005.  While originally offering website development and graphic design services, Debra found that clients were increasingly needing more comprehensive business communication and research solutions.  To reflect the change in the scope of services provided, the business name was changed to Tobacco Root Solutions.

Debra was born in Chico, California and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After graduating from the business school at U.C. Berkeley with an emphasis in finance and management science, she went to work in the financial services industry. Early in her career, Debra completed the arduous Chartered Financial Analysts program which requires three years of examinations on a variety of topics including economics, quantitative methods, financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, equity investments, fixed income, portfolio management and professional ethics.  For over 20 years, Debra worked for investment firms in California and Hawaii, managing equity portfolios, researching corporations and industries, providing economic analyses and forecasts and designing quantitative investment models.  After moving to Montana in 2004, she added website development, graphic design and business communications to her portfolio of skills.  Debra continues to provide equity research and advice to select clients.  When the muse or current events strike the right chord, Debra also writes for her blog at

Ed Wrzesinski - Tobacco Root Solutions

Ed Wrzesinski was born on a ranch in the Snowy Mountains of central Montana.  His interest in art started with doodling as a youngster, but he never ventured to sell his work until he was encouraged by his wife, Debra, to help establish Tobacco Root Graffics.  Ed has designed a unique line of watercolor based greeting cards featuring western and fishing themes.

Where are we?

Cranes and cows

Tobacco Root Solutions is located in Twin Bridges, Montana at the west end of the stunning Ruby Valley.  We are an hour south of Butte and about 80 minutes southeast of Bozeman, depending on how fast you drive.  Twin Bridges (population: 450) is one of the trout fishing meccas of Montana with four blue ribbon trout rivers and two major fly rod manufacturers.  The community is wonderful, there is no traffic and the town has good broadband access.  Sheltered by four majestic mountain ranges, the Ruby Valley has a highly productive cattle ranching industry and is the summer home for the iconic sandhill crane.  It's a marvelous place to live.  Come and see for yourself!

What Makes Tobacco Root Solutions Different?

Any good website or graphic design firm needs to listen to their clients, provide quality service, produce what is requested and follow-up on additional needs.  If the business falls short in any of these areas, they won't be around for very long.

Of course, Tobacco Root Solutions meets all these criteria.  What makes TRS different from other design firms is the experience and perspective of it's founder, Debra McNeill.  Prior to establishing TRS, Ms. McNeill worked for over 25 years as an equity portfolio manager and research analyst in the financial services industry.  She loves learning about what makes industries and micro-economies tick, customer satisfaction factors, and identifying best practices.  This information can then be integrated with the client's vision into an effective website design, social media program or other business communications.

With Tobacco Root Solutions, clients get much more than website or advertising support.  They get an professional business analyst!

Contact TRS

Please call us at (406) 596-0002 or send us a note.